MBCC 2018 Volume 4 - A Message From the Chair

A Message From the Chair

Patrick I. Borgen, MD

As 2018 begins, I find myself reflecting on what’s happened in the past year. While 2017 certainly saw changes for all of us, I marvel at just how much has advanced in how we approach breast cancer, specifically.

In the time since the last Miami Breast Cancer Conference® we’ve seen the approval of novel agents designed to treat some of the most difficult forms of breast cancer and countless data on other agents that may soon be approved. Three new CDK4/6 inhibitors joined our armamentarium, traditional agents like fulvestrant were granted expanded indications, and piles of new data surrounding immunotherapies and therapies that target PARP or PI3K have changed the entire landscape of breast cancer treatment.

The Miami Breast Cancer Conference® is uniquely situated to cover the latest research findings, controversies, and breakthroughs of the past year. In Miami, our world-renowned faculty bring their unparalleled expertise to distill a year’s worth of progress into an unrivaled educational program.

Whether it was first reported at a major meeting or the supplement of a journal, what you need to know, and how to use it, will be presented at Miami.

Join me in my New Year’s resolution to better patient care—join me in Miami!


Patrick I. Borgen, MD

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