New York GU™: Annual Interdisciplinary Prostate Cancer Congress®
March 11, 2022 - March 12, 2022 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM Eastern Time
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CRC Tumor Board™: Selecting and Sequencing Therapy Based on Patient- and Disease-Specific Factors
San Francisco, CA
Chair: TBA
2.0 CME
Medical Crossfire®: How the Experts Identify and Target EGFR exon 20 Insertion Mutations Across Lines of Care in NSCLC
Expires on 12/23/2023
Pasi A. Jänne, MD, PhD
1.5 CME
1.5 CNE
Expert Illustrations and Commentaries Live: The Future of JAK/TYK2 Inhibition in the Treatment of Psoriasis
Wailea, HI
Chair: April Armstrong, MD, MPH
1.0 CME
Community Practice Connections™: 16th Annual New York Lung Cancers Symposium®
Expires on 01/07/2023
Balazs Halmos, MD, MS; Mark G. Kris, MD; Roman Perez-Soler, MD; Jamie E. Chaft, MD
2.0 CME
2.0 CNE
Oncology Town Hall™: Primary Investigators Present Advancements in the Management of CLL
Live Webcast
Chair: Jacqueline Barrientos, MD, MS
1.5 CME
1.5 CNE
Oncology Consultations®: Addressing the Risk and Burden of CNS Metastases in HER2+ Breast Cancer to Improve Patient Outcomes
Expires on 12/23/2022
Sara A. Hurvitz, MD, FACP
1.0 CME
New Perspectives in HSCT-TMA: Driving the Future of Diagnosis and Treatment
Salt Lake City, UT
Chair: Miguel-Angel Perales, MD
2.0 CME
PEeR Exchange® Assessing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Lung Cancer Care
Expires on 12/23/2022
Narjust Duma, MD
1.5 CME
1.5 CNE
19th Annual Winter Lung Cancer Conference®
02/04/2022 - 02/06/2022
Miami Beach, FL
Co-Chairs: Rogerio C. Lilenbaum, MD; Mark A. Socinski, MD; Julie R. Brahmer, MD, MSc, FASCO
Cancer Summaries and Commentaries: Report from Atlanta on Advances in the Treatment of DLBCL
Expires on 12/23/2022
Christopher R. Flowers, MD, MS, FASCO; Laurie H. Sehn, MD, MPH
2.0 CME
18th Annual International Symposium on Melanoma and Other Cutaneous Malignancies®
New York, NY
Co-Chairs: Omid Hamid, MD; Jeffrey S. Weber, MD, PhD
7.0 CME
7.0 CNE
Medical Crossfire®: Bridging The Gap Between Diagnosis and Treatment in Hemolytic Anemias
Expires on 12/23/2022
David J. Kuter, MD, DPhil; Hanny Al-Samkari, MD; Spero Cataland, MD; Ilene Weitz, MD
1.5 CME
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