MBCC 2019 Volume 2 - A Message from the Chair

The New Year often marks a new beginning. As we embrace 2019, I can’t help but marvel at all 2018 brought us in advancing the fight against breast cancer.

2018 saw the approval of multiple PARP inhibitors, brought us the promise of immunotherapy in breast cancer, and showed us that for some patients, hormone therapy might be enough—just to name a few of the lessons to learn.

And with 2019 ramping up to be another year full of advancements, the Miami Breast Cancer Conference® is better positioned than ever. In early March, this meeting informs us how to use the latest data in our day-to-day practice.

This year we’ll be discussing oncoplastic strategies, as we always do. We’ll be talking about advances in breast imaging. What do the new MRIs look like? What is the role of tomosynthesis mammography in my practice? I’ll be presenting our work with opioid sparing strategies in the breast cancer world. We’ll be talking about precision oncology and genomics. And of course, immunotherapy and what is the future of CAR T therapy in breast cancer?

I hope you can join me and our expert faculty in Miami Beach in March!

See you there!


Patrick I. Borgen, MD

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