MBCC 2018 Volume 3 - A New Standard in Breast Cancer Out with the Old

A New Standard in Breast Cancer Out with the Old…

Anatomic cancer staging has historically focused on tumor- (T), lymph node- (N), and metastasis-based (M) characteristics. While this standard has held for decades, TNM lacks the proper means to individualize prognosis and predict therapeutic value.

TNM-based staging’s utility emphasizes a population level of care and the importance of tracking longitudinal changes in disease impact. Now more than ever, a more personalized, reflective approach to medicine is needed.

The American Joint Committee of Cancer (AJCC), 8th Edition is revolutionizing the way to evaluate your patients. While the base anatomic staging remains, molecular biomarkers are being incorporated in order to properly stratify disease.

The next generation of cancer care is here!

...In with the New—A Prognostic Staging Approach!

Decades of technologic and biologic advances have ushered in this new standard of care and starting January 1, 2018 the full incorporation of genomic information will completely revolutionize patient management.

In the AJCC, 8th Edition TNM classification and prognostic factors are combined with novel risk assessment models and complete clinical trial stratification, introducing personalized medicine into survival outcomes. This edition of the AJCC emphasizes clarity, accuracy, and harmonization across clinical areas.

Breast cancer further leads the charge in the 8th Edition—HER2 status, estrogen-receptor status, and progesterone-receptor status are all incorporated into the new staging model, as are genomic profiles and gene assays.

Educational programing at Miami Breast will emphasize the new staging model, incorporating it across all of our clinical vignettes.

The future is now, let’s meet it together!

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