MBCC 2018 Volume 3 - A Message From the Chair

A Message From the Chair

Patrick I. Borgen, MD

The Miami Breast Cancer Conference® prides itself on the excellence of medical oncology and surgical education brought to its attendees. This year, with the implementation of the American Joint Committee on Cancer’s 8th Edition of the Cancer Staging Manual, what you hear on Friday will fundamentally change your practice on Monday. A new universal standard in breast cancer staging is here.

This year, we’re as uniquely situated to be your one-stop allencompassing meeting to stay current in state-of-the-art care. Come and learn firsthand what prognostic, biologic marker-based staging has to offer. As the new standards are ushered in, Miami Breast is well positioned to deliver a timely update to guide your practice into the future. Commensurate with the new staging, it will be key for breast cancer treaters to master and understand biomarkers that inform staging, risk stratification, and ultimately treatment.

In 2018, our 35th year, we invite you to return to the sunlit shores of Miami, where our world-renowned experts and specialists will once again bring their unparalleled experience and breadth of knowledge, crafting an unrivaled educational program that will revolutionize the way you treat your patients. PER® and all of us at the Miami Breast Cancer Conference® are steadfast in our commitment to you, the learner. This landmark meeting only exists if its valuable to you and your patients. I look forward to seeing you in Miami this spring. Come ready to learn and with questions ablaze. In Miami, the future is now!


Patrick I. Borgen, MD

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