MBCC 2018 Volume 2 - Hot Topics

Hot Topics to be Covered in 2018!

Evaluating Ductal Carcinoma in Situ Biomarkers

With the advent of modern screening technologies, the diagnosis rate for ductal carcinoma in situ biomarkers has also increased. Standard treatment includes local surgical resection followed by radiation or endocrine therapy. However, adjuvant treatment is not necessary for all patients. How do we determine which patients will benefit? Join us in Miami to learn how to evaluate potential biomarkers and what screens you can use to test for them!

The Latest Strategies in Oncoplastic Surgery

Evolving strategies in breast-conserving surgery and local tissue rearrangement are incorporating mammoplasty techniques. What are the new frontiers in oncogenic breast surgery? Where is the field going? Join the discussion in Miami!

The Expanded Role of the Surgeon

BRCA mutation status can impact the lives and decisions of patients and their families. With an explosion of genetic screens and cultural drives, surgeons have an increased need to act as genetic counselors. What you need to know and how best to counsel your patients will all be presented in Miami!

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