MBCC 2018 Volume 1 - Hot Topics to be Covered in 2018!

Hot Topics to be Covered in 2018!

The Latest Updates in PARP Inhibition Strategies

After years of development and anticipation, late stage clinical trial data on PARP inhibitors is finally here. Recent data have shown the clinical efficacy of this class of agent compared to chemotherapy for patients with BRCA-mutated HER2-negative breast cancer. The key data and how to incorporate these results into practice, will all be presented in Miami.

Where Are We in CDK4/6 Inhibition?

These new strategies continue to evolve in their use in breast cancer management. Key questions now remain. How do we incorporate the latest data into our existing framework? How do we compare various agents shown to improve patient outcomes? Join the conversation in Miami!

The Status of Immunotherapy in Breast Cancer

The past years have seen an explosion of checkpoint inhibition across tumor types. Following early stage development in breast cancer, can we begin to anticipate phase 3 results? Join us in a discussion on ongoing trials, and the future of breast cancer treatment!

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