CFS 2018 Volume 3 - Can’t miss satellite symposia at this year’s meeting!

Medical Crossfire®: An Oncologist’s Guide to Using Biosimilars in Breast Cancer: Right Patient, Right Time, Right Treatment

Advanced testing and validation technologies have expanded the number of biosimilars approved and in development for use in breast cancer, including HER2-targeting agents. Join this midday Medical Crossfire® to discuss regulatory requirements, manufacturing requirements, and the latest clinical data about the use of biosimilars in breast cancer.

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Bring Your Own Case (BYOC™)! Addressing Challenging Clinical Scenarios in Breast Cancer
Join Drs. Joyce O’Shaughnessy, Mark E. Robson, Joseph A. Sparano, and Heather L. McArthur for dinner to get the answers for your most challenging cases. This expert panel will overview the latest and most-need-to-know data as it applies to your patients. We bring the experts, you bring the case!
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Medical Crossfire®: A Critical Assessment of Current and Emerging Data Sets to Move Treatment of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Forward
Our understanding of triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) has rapidly changed in recent years. Join us for a LIVE FILMING of this dynamic Medical Crossfire® panel focusing on the latest and best practices for metastatic TNBC, expert perspectives on the latest agents, including immunotherapy, and discuss what comes next.
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Medical Crossfire®: Evaluating Immuno-Oncology Strategies Across Tumor Types
Immune checkpoint inhibitors represent an entirely new treatment modality in the fight against cancer. By harnessing the body’s own immune system to eradicate tumor cells, these therapies are transforming and improving patient outcomes across an increasingly broad range of malignancies. Join us for this live Medical Crossfire® as the role of I/O across multiple tumors is broken down and debated.
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Medical Crossfire®: How Do You Use Liquid Biopsies in NSCLC?
Molecular testing has changed how we approach lung cancer. Liquid-based biopsies and multigene panels are exciting and new technologies, but as with any new approach questions remain. When should you use a liquid biopsy? When do you need to retest? How does circulating tumor DNA affect treatment? Join this Medical Crossfire® discussion led by Dr. Benjamin Levy as he and the expert panel answer the overriding question: How Do You Use Liquid Biopsies in NSCLC?
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