CFS 2018 Volume 2 - A Message from the Chair

The Chemotherapy Foundation Symposium® (CFS®) is moving into its 36th year. Three-and-a-half decades of, Innovative Cancer Therapy for Tomorrow®, dedicated professionals educating themselves, updating practice, and caring for patients. Thousands of oncologists have gathered; with a countless number of patients who have been impacted.

Throughout that 36-year history, the pace of oncology research has only accelerated. Every week, new data, new agents, and new guidelines challenge us to evaluate and reevaluate our treatment strategies. In this era of personalized medicine, that challenge becomes even more patient specific.

Chemotherapy is no longer the only option for our patients. From lung cancer to melanoma, leukemia to breast cancer, targeted therapies and immunotherapies have fundamentally changed the way we treat cancer. Medical oncology is not alone in its radical shift; radiation and surgical oncology are quickly changing as well.

As we prepare for the 36th meeting, I encourage you to look back on how much your own practice has changed in the past year. What you’ve learned in that time is indispensable knowledge for oncologists everywhere. Please join us and share the expertise you’ve gathered. Together we only advance further.

I hope to see you among the dedicated healthcare professionals at CFS®, for 3 days of evidence-based, state-of-the-art cancer care. See you in New York!

Adam M. Brufsky, MD, PhD

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