ICOP 2018 Volume 1 - Liquid Biopsies The New Frontier

Liquid Biopsies: The New Frontier

The world of pathology and patient testing has fundamentally changed with the advent of liquid biopsies. The ability to provide timely and accurate characterization of a tumor, across type and underlying biology, is an essential aspect in properly diagnosing and selecting treatment options for patients.

Liquid biopsies—biopsies of the plasma and blood rather than the tissue—have changed our fundamental approach to diagnosis and monitoring. The use of liquid biopsies is not limited to disorders of the blood, rather liquid biopsies are able to test for cell-free DNA or circulating tumor cells to provide an accurate diagnosis.

As pathology continues to grow and change, special considerations must be made. Which form of testing is preferred and appropriate? When can liquid biopsies replace traditional tumor testing? What role does monitoring through liquid biopsies have in treatment? All these questions and more will be addressed at the International Congress on Oncology Pathology™ where key experts in lung, breast, gastrointestinal, and other malignancies will provide an overview of the latest clinical data on liquid biopsies, along with detailed case studies, and special considerations for multidisciplinary faculty.

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