CFS 2018 Volume 3 - A Message from the Chair

The Chemotherapy Foundation Symposium is finally here! After a year of rapid advancements and changes across all of oncology, it’s once again time to gather in New York City. It’s time to translate all that research and new treatment guidelines into practice.

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that Chemotherapy Foundation Symposium is a bit of a misnomer. Cancer treatment is so much more than chemo. Radiation and surgery have long been mainstays in cancer treatment, but modern advancements in targeted therapies and immunooncology have become pillars in treatment as well. That’s why we’ve renamed this historic meeting.

The Chemotherapy Foundation Symposium should reflect its inclusion of all options and all oncologists. And soon that meeting, CFS: Innovative Cancer Therapy for Tomorrow®, will take place.

Each year, CFS® brings together hundreds of oncologists from around the globe, to deliver evidence-based and state-of-the-art education on all things cancer. This year, that tradition continues.

CFS is larger than its 100 faculty and speakers, CFS is more than the 25 tumor types covered, CFS is longer than the 3 days we gather, and CFS is more than one meeting: CFS is the impact it leaves on you and your patients.

Join us this year and make CFS® your own.

William K. Oh, MD

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