CFS 2018 Volume 1 - Other Headlines From ASCO!

December 01, 2022

Avoiding chemotherapy for certain patients was not all we learned at this year’s meeting.

Finally, results from the phase III Carmena trial showed patients with advanced kidney cancer can avoid nephrectomy all together. Researchers demonstrated the median OS for patients who underwent therapy and then adjuvant treatment with sunitinib had a median OS of 13.9 months, compared with 18.4 months for patients who underwent treatment with sunitinib at time of diagnosis.

Whether its incorporating genetic testing, avoiding overtreatment with chemotherapy, offering immunotherapy in the first line, or changing standards of practice to include neoadjuvant or maintenance chemotherapy, much is changing all at once. ASCO has come and gone, and it was easy to miss all the new findings. The Chemotherapy Foundation Symposium ®: Innovative Cancer Therapy for Tomorrow® exists to fill in the gap. Come learn what you may have missed from the researchers and clinical trial leaders themselves!